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A Call to Continued ACTION!


By ClapSo, March 24, 2007 3:33 PM EDST


At the writing of this page the war has now been raging for over four years. Over 3200 of our young people in uniform (average age 19!) have been killed see the faces of the fallen and over 100,000 have been injured. In the face of the death and dismemberment of our kids, the already budgeted half a trillion dollars (not including the 100 billion supplemental voted on in the house this past week) seems unimportant. After all, these brave souls are ready to put their lives on the line for our country, RIGHT? The argument goes, that we should be willing to spend what ever amount it takes to "support the troops."

Cost of the War in Iraq
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Who is the real enemy?

It is, I'm afraid, our own government!

  • The republican party

It was they that let this useless playboy g'dubya win their parties nomination and infest the white house. It is they that most strongly support the failed policies of this criminal regime. They must pay the price come election time. As they did in November 2006!
They are nothing more then republicans in democrats clothing. They are not fit to have a D next to their names. They MUST be leashed and house broken. Failing that, come election time We The People must take the rolled up newspaper of our votes and apply it to their useless snouts. We must send them yelping, tail twixt their legs, from the peoples house and out to the doghouse where they belong!
  • The democratic party

Having lost every federal election from 1994 to 2004 due to the insipid democratic "leadership" council agenda. Having authorized this failure of a war in 2002. Having finally won an election in 2006, they tried to wag the dog and tell us it was because of the "100 hours" of mediocrity agenda. This is the same, too little - too late, democratic "leadership" council agenda the dems lost elections with for over a decade. The time has come for We The People to stand up and let the dems know that they WON THE 2006 ELECTION BECAUSE WE WANT THEM TO STOP THE WAR!

There are some dems that are not the enemy. The Progressive Democrats of America have the right Idea!

Read their 5 Priorities!

These 5 priorities are what I expect from the "democratic wing of the democratic party!" They speak to the greatest problems facing us and inspire solutions that serve OUR needs!


Lets take ACTION!

It is clear to me that the bush crime family must be removed from office. I have no hope whatever that they will bring our kids in uniform home, or resign. I have no hope that their fellow repubs will force them out. I do have hope that we can pressure the dems to impeach the bush crime family. I also think we can pressure them to defund the war and bring our kids home NOW! If you would like to join myself and others in taking action, please click the following:

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